Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Principle

There are always these principles in my life.

1.a good workplace will make you more productive
2.quality first price later
3.always appreciate stuff 


i'm not a very good in interior design
but i am willing to pay for a good workspace

a book rack to put all my books collection
a table that serve as a workspace
a good chair to sit 
a lamp to help me read at night
some other stuff to make things tidy

messy workspace, really need to tidy it up

2.Quality stuff

i'm not a fan in branded stuff
but i'm very fond in quality stuff
I'm talking about stuff that last long 


my principle in this thing is that
it's better to buy good stuff once
than buying terrible stuff and need to buy again when its broken

the math is like this
let say 1 quality stuff cost around RM80 and can last at least 3 years
and the same stuff with less quality cost around RM10 to RM20 ..
at most this stuff last for 3-4 months

do some calculation :
 Quality : RM 80 = 3 years
           3 years = 36 months

 Bad : RM20 = 4 months 
       36 months / 4 = 9 times you have to buy the same stuff
       9 x RM20 = RM180

you can see the different between having a good quality stuff and not very good and cheap stuff

I experience this with my bag
bought it after PMR for about RM80 (the most expensive bag I bought at that time)
really like it 
everyday I use it
it last until my final semester in matriculation
the reason I throw it away because all the zips aren't functioning
and also there some hole in it

Pilot Rexgrip (cost around RM6) really worth it

I also still have the mechanical pencil that I bought during my SPM (I forgot the exact time whether during SPM or in form 4)
I still use it during my Matriculation,
helped me in my degree years in University
and still working flawlessly now (currently i'm working)

3.Always appreciate stuff

"jaga dan hargai barang-barang anda.."

believe me.
I still keep the boxes of my stuff
not all of it but most of it

I'm not a guy who throw out stuff
nor even selling it to others

All my belongings
its either end up broken, not working, I gave it to someone else or stole by other people

It just not right for me to either throw it away (unless its broken) or 
sell it to others

When I like something
I'll use it everyday, 
I'll wear it everyday

for example my shirts and pants,
I got plenty of shirts and some pants
yet you can see me wearing the same shirt and pants almost every day in the week
because when I really like that shirt and/or pant
it's hard for me not to wear it

my mother always scold me because of these 'bad' habit
because sometimes when the shirts/pants still wet in the dryer
I already take it out and started wearing it.

I always believe that when you have good things in your life
always appreciate it and don't ever loose it
(also applicable to human being)

"Always appreciate your life, because when you loose it, you can't get it back" 

Ismi Ammar 

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  1. i appreciate my collection of books the most and i hate it when others who borrow the books or use it take it for granted. it makes my heart hurt seeing the books are no longer at their best condition like the first time i bought it.