Monday, March 12, 2012


"An idea is the most resilient parasite..."

a small idea
when planted into ones mind
it will keep growing until it possess the mind
of the beholder
and its impossible to iradicate

a small idea can turn a sand into castle
a small idea can turn hatred into love
a small idea can change someone fate forever
a small idea..

we just need that small idea
an idea that correctly planted into the mind
and let it grow and fully developped
it will possess the mind

and the body will indefinitely follow

what the mind posses the body can achieve

p/s: suggested movie to watch.. Inception
a very good thriller movie of how an idea can be developed and can also be steal
a sci-fi action movie that will challenge your mind in believing what you see
"you mind is the crime scene..."

challenge : try put some small idea inside your head and let it grow naturally..

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